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Hunan Future successfully concluded its annual summary commendation conference

‘Jade Rabbit Brings Prosperity, Golden Dragon Presents Auspiciousness.’ On the afternoon of January 20, 2024, Hunan Future Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. successfully concluded its annual summary commendation conference and New Year’s celebration with the theme of ‘Concentric Dream Building and Gathering,’ held in the scenic ‘Tianhe Yaozhai.’
The event venue was embellished with dazzling lights, kicking off with a grand opening ceremony and followed by a variety of program performances, including witty talk shows, lively song and dance routines, and impressive musical instrument performances. The creative WeChat check-in feature and the exciting WeChat shake-up game added more surprises and joy to the leaders, guests, and employees attending the event, creating an unforgettable feast for everyone. Now, let’s revisit some of the highlights from this memorable occasion:

01.President’s Address
At the start of the annual meeting, Chairman Fan Deshun shared the company’s achievements and insights over the past year. He expressed that in 2023, Future had made adequate preparations for future success through deep-rooted efforts.


02.Recognition of Excellence
Commendations were given to outstanding individuals who exemplified the spirit of unity and progress. The Annual Awards Ceremony served as the highest acknowledgment and reward for their exceptional performance. Through their remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication, they demonstrated that excellence is not a hollow accolade but the result of determined goals and continuous efforts.


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03.Talent Showcase
The program performances featured a wide range of talents, including captivating talk shows, captivating song and dance routines, melodious instrumental showcases, and more. The gifted employees demonstrated their energetic vitality on stage, providing the audience with a high-quality audio-visual feast and earning thunderous applause and cheers.

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04.Interactive Games
The participation-engaging WeChat shake-up and the exhilarating game of accumulating gold coins brought the atmosphere to a climax, fostering enthusiasm and excitement among all.

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05.Annual Raffle
One of the most thrilling moments was the annual raffle drawing. This year’s event introduced an innovative large-screen lottery system. As eight rounds of lucky draws unfolded, the anticipation and excitement of winning prizes intensified. Each carefully selected gift, accompanied by sincere and heartfelt well-wishes, filled the wintry venue with warmth and joy. In total, 389 awards were distributed, bringing much delight to fortunate employees.

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06. Appreciation During the Dinner
The 2024 edition of Hunan Future Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.’s ‘Concentric Dream Building, Cohesion Take-off’ annual meeting successfully concluded. The brief gathering erased any distinctions between individuals, fostering genuine camaraderie and the building of a close-knit Future family. Let us forge ahead, never forgetting our original aspirations, and continue pursuing progress together! We wish the company a thriving business and abundant prosperity!


Post time: Jan-29-2024