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Smart Life

Product Features:

1, High definition,High contrast, High brightness

2, Custom design

3, Low power consumption


1, VA, STN, FSTN monochrome LCD,

2, IPS TFT, round TFT with capacitive touch screen.

LCD liquid crystal displays are also widely used in the smart home industry. For example, they are used on the display screens of smart door locks, smart lighting systems, smart home audio, smart cameras, smart home appliances, etc., which can display the status and operation of various devices. Guide, system menu and other information. Compared with the financial industry, the smart home industry has less stringent requirements for LCD screens. However, it is also important for smart home manufacturers to provide high-quality products and a good user experience. Therefore, the requirements of the smart home industry for LCD liquid crystal displays will gradually increase, such as: 1. High definition and high color saturation to provide more realistic image and video display; 2. High brightness and high contrast to adapt to various light environments; 3. Save electricity and energy to achieve long-term use; 4. Good touch experience to achieve more convenient interactive operation; 5. Good durability and long service life to ensure a long service life of the product. To sum up, the requirements of the smart home industry for LCD liquid crystal displays are mainly high quality, good user experience, long life, power saving and energy saving.