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Factory Workshops


Future has a professional liquid display (LCD) production workshop and has realized automated production lines from cleaning to placement.

1 Pre Cleaning

Pre Cleaning

2 PR Coating

PR Coating

3 Exposure


4 Developing


5 Rubbing


6 Breaking


7 LC injection

LC injection

8 End Sealing

End Sealing

9 Automatic Polarizer-Attaching

Automatic Polarizer-Attaching

10 Pinning


11 Electrical Inspection

Electrical Inspection

12 AOI Test

AOI Test


Future also has automatic production workshops such as LCM workshops and backlight workshops, SMT workshops, mold workshops, injection molding workshops, TFT LCM production workshops, COG production workshops,a ndautomatic A0I workshops.

1 Cleaning Machine

Cleaning Machine

7 Assembly Line

Assembly workshop

2 COG Bonding Line

LCM workshop

8 Assembly Line (2)

Assembly line

3 COG Line

LCM Line

9 Full automatic COG, FOG line (4)

Automatic backlight assembly machine

4 Full automatic COG, FOG line (3)

COG/FOG line

10 Salt Spray machine

Salt spray machine

5 Full automatic COG, FOG line (5)

Automatic COG

11 Future

Differential interference microscopy

6 Laminating machine

Automatic laminating machine


In order to improve product reliability and  lifetime to meet the requirements of automotive and industry customers, we have set up a reliability laboratory, which can conduct high temperature and high humidity, high and low temperature thermal shock, ESD, salt spray, drop, vibration and other experiments.  When designing our products, we will also consider the requirements of EFT, EMC, and EMI to meet customer testing.

LCD resistance tester

LCD resistance tester

ESD Tester

ESD Tester

Salt spray Tester

Salt Spray Tester

Water drop angle tester

Water drop angle tester

Drop Tester

Drop Tester

Vibration Tester

Vibration Tester

Thermal shock machine

Thermal shock chamber

Temperature and Humidity Test Machine

Temperature and Humidity Test Machine

Temperature and Humidity Test Machine (2)

Temperature and humidity tester

Temperature and Humidity Test Machines

Temperature and Humidity Test Machine