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Smart Finance

Product Features:

High Contrast, High resolution, High brightness.

Convenient Interface.

Operation Temperature: -20~70℃


Operation Temperature: -20~70℃

2, 3.5inch to 10.1 inch TFT displays

LCD liquid crystal display has a wide range of applications in the intelligent financial industry, such as the screen display of ATM machines, the interactive interface of self-service banking and other scenarios, the display of electronic payment terminals, the display of digital card information, the information display of financial products such as investment and wealth management, etc. . Due to the involvement of the financial industry, the requirements for LCD liquid crystal display screens are relatively high. For example, security is an important factor, and full attention must be paid to ensuring the security and confidentiality of user information. At the same time, stability and reliability are also very important requirements. People's trust in the financial industry depends on the stability of various devices. In addition, LCD screens are frequently used in the financial industry, so long life, high brightness, high contrast, high resolution, and long-term continuous operation performance are required. Finally, a good user experience is a requirement that cannot be ignored. Providing a convenient and beautiful user interface can make users use financial services more happily.