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Product Features:

1, Wide view angle

2, High definition

3, Low power consumption

4, Anti-glare, Anti-finger, dustproof, IP67.

5, Multi- touch


1, Monochrome LCD: STN, FSTN, VA;

2, IPS TFT, with capacitive touch screen, optical bonding, G+G,

Size: 7", 8 inch / 10.1 inch

Commonly used LCD products in education include:

1. Reading pen

2. Teaching tablet computer: used for teachers to teach and students to learn, using small and medium-sized LCD screens to display teaching content and learning materials.

3. Combined intelligent classroom system: including flat-screen TV, projector, audio equipment and central control terminal, etc., mainly used for efficient teaching and meetings.

For LCD screens, educational requirements include:

1. Clear picture quality: Because it needs to be used for teaching and conference display, the picture is required to be clear and high-definition.  

2. High stability: It is required to use for a long time without any failures such as shaking, flickering and failure.  

3. High reliability: In teaching and conferences, information loss or miscommunication cannot occur due to failure of the LCD screen.  

4. Wide display angle: Because of the need for on-site display, a wide display angle is required, so that information will not be distorted or unclear.

Innovative education starts from the LCD display.

In the field of education, the use of LCD diplay can not only present learning content more vividly and intuitively, but also improve students' learning enthusiasm and efficiency.

Our advanced technology LCD display feature high resolution, high brightness and wide viewing angles, allowing students to easily see every detail. At the same time, our products also support a variety of input interfaces, which can be connected to computers, notebooks, mobile phones and other devices to meet the needs of different scenarios. Whether it is classroom teaching or online education.

LCD display can provide a better user experience, and at the same time help teachers better control the classroom and teaching progress, greatly improving teaching efficiency.

Choose our LCD display now, and let innovative education open a new chapter from now on.