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Product Features:

1, Full view angle

2, High Brightness, High Contrast, Sunlight readable

3, Wide operating temperature -40~90℃

4, Anti-UV, Anti-glare, Anti-finger, dustproof, IP68.

5, 10 point touch


1, Monochrome LCD: STN, FSTN, VA, PMVA (/multi -color);

2, IPS TFT, with capacitive touch screen, optical bonding, G+G,

Size: 8 inch / 10 inch / 10. 25 inch/ 12.3 inch and other sizes;

Liquid crystal display modules are widely used in automobiles, mainly in the following aspects:

 1. Dashboard display: The on-board LCD screen can be used to display basic vehicle information such as vehicle speed, rotational speed, fuel volume, water temperature, etc., to help drivers grasp the status of the vehicle.

 2. Entertainment system: The car LCD screen can cooperate with audio, DVD and other equipment to realize multimedia playback and viewing.

 3. Navigation system: The on-board LCD screen can be used as a navigation screen to help drivers accurately locate and plan routes.

 4. Reversing image: The car LCD screen can be used to display reversing images to help drivers drive more conveniently and safely.

Performance requirements of liquid crystal display modules in automobiles:

1. High brightness and contrast: Since the interior light of the car is usually dark, the car LCD screen needs to have sufficient brightness and contrast to ensure a clear display effect.

2. Wide viewing angle: Vehicle LCD screens need to have a wide viewing angle so that both the driver and passengers can view them conveniently.

3. Dustproof, waterproof, and high temperature resistance: Due to the complex internal environment of the car, the on-board LCD screen needs to have certain dustproof, waterproof, and high temperature resistance properties to ensure its normal operation. 

4. Shock resistance: The car will encounter vibrations when driving, and the vehicle-mounted LCD screen needs to have a certain degree of shock resistance to avoid shaking or falling.

5. High reliability: The vehicle-mounted LCD screen needs to have high reliability to ensure that it will not fail during long-term use and affect normal use.