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About Us

Established in 2005, Shenzhen Future Electronics Co., Ltd moved to Yongzhou, Hunan in 2017, and established Hunan Future Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Our factory specializing in the research, development, production and sales comprehensive range of displays, such as TN, STN, FSTN, FFSTN, VA monochrome LCD, COB, COG, TAB modules, color TFT and capacitive touch panels. We commit to becoming a mainstream enterprise to providing standards and customized LCD displays and touch panels.

Now the number of employee is over 800, there are 2 fully automatic LCD production lines, 8 COG lines and 6 COB lines in the Yongzhou factory. We obtained the certifications IATF16949: 2015 quality system, GB/T19001-2015/ISO9001: 2015 quality system, IECQ: QCOB0000:2017 hazardous substance process management system, ISO14001: 2015 environmental system, SGS management system, and the products compliance with the RoHS and REACH.

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Our products are used for widely applications, such as industrial controller, medical device, electric energy meter, instruments controller, Smart home, home automation, automotive dash-board, GPS system, Smart Pos-machine, Payment Device, white goods, 3D printer, coffee machine, Treadmill, Elevator, Door-phone, Rugged Tablet, Thermostat, Parking system, Media, Telecommunications etc.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, and to respond to the rapid changes in the market, the company has developed in the direction of multiple diversified product lines. Hunan Yongzhou production base has a complete LCD , LCM, TFT and capacitive touch screen production lines. We are also preparing to build a new production base in Hunan Chenzhou, which is mainly for the color TFT, CTP, RTP production,  it is expected to be put into production in 2023.  The company has offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Hangzhou, and has a marketing network in East China, North China, West China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India, Europe, and North America.

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