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Product Features:

1, Wide view angle

2, High Brightness, High Contrast, Sunlight readable

3, Wide operating temperature -30~80℃

4, Anti-UV, Anti-glare, Anti-finger, dustproof, IP68.

5, High reliability performance


1, Monochrome LCD: TN, STN, FSTN, VA, PMVA (/multi -color)

2, TN/IPS TFT, with capacitive touch screen, optical bonding, G+G,

Size range:2.4"~12.1"

MONO LCD has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, high temperature resistance, high humidity, etc., and can operate stably in complex environments. At the same time, the price is relatively affordable and easy to maintain.  TFT generally has the characteristics of high resolution, high brightness, wide viewing angle, etc., which can provide better image display effect and meet the requirements of high-precision display.

Liquid crystal displays have many applications in industry and office fields, among which MONO LCD and TFT have been widely used.

Liquid crystal displays are widely used in industrial instruments and equipment, involving various aspects. The following are some typical application scenarios:

1. Industrial control system: Industrial control systems need to use high-precision, high-definition displays to display data such as process and production parameters. TFT liquid crystal displays are widely used in the field of industrial control.  

2. Instruments and equipment: Many instruments and equipment need to use liquid crystal displays to display the collected data, such as high-precision instruments, experimental instruments, medical instruments, etc. These applications usually use TFT LCD displays because they can provide high resolution and accurate color performance.

4. Security monitoring: Security monitoring systems need to use a large number of LCD displays to display monitoring images. These monitors usually use TFT LCD screens because of their ability to provide high resolution and high color accuracy.  

5. Robots: Industrial robots need to use touch screens to control their movement and operation. These touch screens usually use TFT LCD screens because of their higher resolution and accurate color representation.

6. Printer: Many modern printers are equipped with LCD screens for displaying printing status, printing progress, and setting printing parameters. In general, liquid crystal display has become an indispensable part of modern industrial equipment, and the continuous development of TFT liquid crystal display technology also provides more possibilities for its application in the industrial field.