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Hunan Future Electronics Technology Co., Ltd  participated in the 32nd FINETECH JAPAN 2022 exhibition and was favored by customers On Sep 7th 2022, and communicated with many well-known Japanese customers. Panasonic is very interested in our products and hopes to establish a strategic cooperative relationship. Later, They will go to Hunan factory for factory inspection, will arrange inquiry and sample making, and the follow-up work will be steadily promoted in 2023.

The exhibition is an important platform to showcase cutting-edge microelectronics, attracting many exhibitors and professionals from all over the world. Hunan Future's products attracted a lot of attention during the show. Customers from Japan showed great interest in the company's products, and the fields involved include Molo LCD, Color TFT and capacitive touch screens. Also other electronic components and materials, optoelectronic technology and advanced manufacturing, etc. 

32nd FINETECH JAPAN 2022 (2)

Hunan Future, as one Chinese LCD exhibitors in this exhibition, showed customers the latest technology and products, as well as the company's professional leadership in the field of displays, which aroused widespread attention and discussion. During the interactive communication at many exhibitions, Hunan Future presented the company's latest technological achievements and high-quality products to professionals and customers from all over the world. The exhibition successfully promoted a large number of business exchanges and provided strong support for the company's future development.

Looking forward to the future, Hunan Future will continue to provide customers with the highest quality products and services, continue to develop innovative technologies and solutions, further promote the development of the LCD displays field, and become a leading company that leads market changes. If you want to know more about Hunan Future company, welcome to visit our official website.

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32nd FINETECH JAPAN 2022 (3)

Post time: Jun-01-2023