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2022-8-18 Company Travel 2022

In August this year, all the employees of the company took a 2-day trip to Chenzhou, Hunan Province. In the picture, the employees took part in a dinner party and rafting activities.

Colorful staff collective activities, to create an excellent corporate culture atmosphere.

Work together with employees to build and share, and seek common welfare.

Among outdoor team building activities, rafting is a very popular activity. Rafting refers to a kind of sports activity of boating and drifting down in wide rivers, lakes and oceans. It is taken from nature and is also very challenging. During the rafting process, team members need to work closely together to row the boat and complete tasks, which not only promotes a closer cooperative relationship among employees, but also improves their physical fitness and courage. Before the rafting activity, the organizer needs to make the necessary preparations in advance, including monitoring and evaluating the weather, water flow and other conditions, determining the number of teams, the number of boats, the rafting route and so on. In addition, the organizer also needs to equip each member with the necessary safety equipment, and conduct drills and explanations for possible emergencies in the future to ensure safety during the rafting process. In the process of participating in rafting, team members need to attach great importance to safety, and at the same time need to cooperate with each other, coordinate the use of rowing boats in the waves, keep the distance between team members, and avoid bumps and collisions. During rafting, team members must feel the power and beauty of nature, and at the same time learn to get along with nature. Through rafting activities, employees can come to different rivers and lakes. While enjoying the beauty of nature, it can also help employees relieve their psychological pressure, relax their bodies and minds, promote team cohesion and establish closer ties. All in all, rafting in outdoor group building activities is undoubtedly a very interesting, challenging and beneficial activity. Through fierce competition and close cooperation, employees can not only improve their physical fitness, but also improve their personal skills and teamwork spirit. When choosing outdoor team building activities, enterprises should choose the most suitable activities according to their actual needs and the characteristics of employees, so as to stimulate the inspiration and enthusiasm of employees.

2022-8-18 Company Travel 20222

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