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2022-11-14 Help farmers give back to society

Hunan Future Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. actively gives back to society, supports poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and creates value for society. Every year, the company participates in various charitable donations and poverty alleviation activities.

This year, our company has sponsored an outstanding student from a poor rural area (the student scored 599 points in the college entrance examination, and their mother passed away, while their father was attacked and broke four ribs, and their grandmother is 80 years old). We will provide an annual sponsorship of 5,000 yuan towards the student's tuition.

As an important area in Hunan Province, Jianghua County has been committed to promoting economic development, attracting investment, and creating more opportunities and vitality for local enterprises and society. Specifically, there are the following aspects:

1. Support the development of enterprises: In order to attract more enterprises to settle in Jianghua County, the county government continues to promote industrial adjustment and upgrading, increase investment, improve the supporting service system for enterprises, optimize the business environment for enterprises, and provide low-cost, high-efficiency services and Preferential policies to encourage the steady development of enterprises.

2. Support emerging industries: Jianghua County has rich unique resources. The county government actively promotes the development of emerging industries, especially in the fields of ecotourism, modern agriculture, cultural tourism, and ethnic handicrafts. Win the market and form advantages as early as possible in emerging industries.

3. Strengthen social responsibility: While growing the economy and developing industries, Jianghua County also pays attention to giving back to the society, increasing support for poor areas and vigorously developing rural areas, and creating more employment opportunities for local people through project investment and other means. At the same time, the county government gives back to the society by carrying out various public welfare activities, donations, assistance, etc., paying attention to special groups such as the elderly, the disabled, women and children, and focusing on implementing the development results in social development.

Jianghua County is not only a place with rich resources and unique cultural connotations, but also a place full of development potential and opportunities. The government of Jianghua County promises to uphold the development concept of openness, innovation, coordination, and win-win, and actively create more opportunities and benefits for enterprises, society, and people.


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