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Company is award for outstanding employees

Our company adhere to the implementation of the management of respect for personality, and strive to cultivate talents of the personnel policy, the company will have a corresponding incentive mechanism every year, every quarter, every month.

Sustainable management, continuous innovation, future technology frontier, for customers, for employees, for the society to create value.

2022-11-14 Award for outstanding staff in the first half of the year

The picture shows our company's award for outstanding employees in the first half year on November 14, 2022.

The first excellent employee who won the award is our company's excellent marketing manager. In terms of marketing, he showed extraordinary talents, which greatly increased the company's sales. His forward-looking market forecast and meticulous market research have won market opportunities in the market competition, allowing us to always occupy a leading position in the competition. The second award-winning outstanding employee is our outstanding R&D engineer. He has the courage to take responsibility, focuses on research, constantly improves the level of technological innovation, and provides many ideas and suggestions for the company's new product design. His constant attempts in various experiments and tests have proved to us his technical ability and courage.

The last outstanding employee who won the award is our company's efficient administrator.

He is diligent and prudent in his daily work, has a strong sense of responsibility and self-discipline, and constantly promotes the improvement of the company's management. His professional responsibility and efficient work attitude are the obvious signs of our company's management work. Award-winning employees, your work results and sincere dedication are an important support for the company's sustainable development. Here, we sincerely thank you for your great efforts and contributions to the company. We hope that this award is not only a recognition and encouragement for you personally, but also a driving force to inspire you to further develop your strengths and create performance. Finally, let us give warm applause to the award-winning employees again, and congratulate them on making persistent efforts and making great achievements! I also hope that other employees can learn from them and continuously improve their abilities and qualities, so that our company can achieve more brilliant performance!

Post time: Jun-01-2023