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High Resolution LCD Display Monitor FSTN Positive Segment Thermostat Control LCD

Short Description:

Applied for:

1, LCD Display Monitor for Thermostat is composed of LCD Panel, Drive ic, FPC, Backlight unit etc.

2, High Definition Thermostat Control LCD

3, Advantages:Clear Display/ Low cost/ Long Lifespan/Reliability

4, Sample Lead time: 3-4weeks, Mass production: 4-6weeks

5, ROHS Compliant

6, Operation Temperature: -10-60℃, Storage Temperature: -20-70℃

Product Detail

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Model NO. FG675042-85
Response Time 1ms
Display Technology FSTN
LCD Drive Mode Multiplex Drive LCD Module
Connector FPC
Operation Tempreature -10-60℃
Storage Temperature -20-70℃
Backlight White LED Backlight
Driving Condition 1/4duty,1/3bias
Drive Power Supply Voltage 3.3V
Display Type Segment
Trademark OEM/ODM
HS Code 9013809000
Type High Definition FSTN LCD Display
Viewing Angle 6:00 O′clock
Feature LCD Display 
Application Thermostat/Home Appliance
Specification ROHS REACH ISO
Display Mode FSTN POSTIVE/Transmissive
Specification RoHS, REACH, ISO
Origin China


The features and advantages of LCD Display for thermostats include:

1, Clear display:Thermostat LCD display provide a clear display of temperature readings, settings, and other information. The high contrast and sharpness of Thermostat LCD display make it easy to read the displayed information.Energy efficiency: LCD screens consume less power compared to other types of screens, such as OLED or LED screens. This energy efficiency is particularly important for thermostats, which are often battery-powered or connected to low-power systems.

2, Wide viewingangles: Thermostat LCD display offer wide viewing angles, allowing users to easily see the display from different positions and angles. This is especially useful for thermostats mounted on walls or in rooms with varying lighting conditions.

3, Low cost: Thermostat LCD display are relatively inexpensive compared to other screen technologies, making them a cost-effective option for thermostats.Long lifespan: LCD screens have a long lifespan and can withstand continuous use without significant degradation in performance. This is essential for thermostats, as they are typically used for many years without frequent replacements.

4, Customizableinterface: Thermostat LCD display can be easily customized to display specific information and user-friendly menus. Thermostats with LCD screens can provide intuitive interfaces for users to navigate through settings and make adjustments.

5, Reliability: Thermostat LCD display are known for their reliability, with excellent resistance to temperature variations and durability against external factors like dust and moisture. They can operate reliably in various environments, including both residential and commercial settings.

Overall, Thermostat LCD display offer clear display capabilities, energy efficiency, wide viewing angles, affordability, longevity, customization, and reliability, making them a suitable choice for thermostat applications.narios.

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