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Instrument Cluster LCD Display, Sunlight Viewable Monitor, Dash Board LCD, Energy Monitoring Dashboard

Short Description:

Application: E-bike, motorbike, agricultural vehicle, tractors.

LCD mode: Monochrome LCD , STN, FSTN, VA, TFT

Waterproof Lcd

High Contrast, wide/full view angle

High Brightness, Sunlight Readable Lcd Display

compliant with RoHs, Reach

Shipping terms: FCA HK, FOB Shenzhen

Payment: T/T, Paypal


Instrument Cluster LCD Display:

The Instrument Cluster LCD Display is a technology used in vehicles to provide important information and data to the driver. It serves as a digital dashboard, replacing traditional analog gauges with a high-resolution LCD screen.

The LCD display is usually located directly behind the steering wheel, within the instrument cluster. It offers a clear and easily readable interface that allows the driver to stay informed about various vehicle parameters while driving.

The instrument cluster LCD display provides a wide range of information such as speed, fuel level, engine temperature, odometer, trip distance, and more. It can also display warning indicators for issues such as low fuel, low tire pressure, or engine malfunctions.

One of the key advantages of an LCD display is its versatility. It can be easily customized and adjusted to display different types of information based on the driver’s preferences and needs. This allows for a more personalized driving experience.

Furthermore, the LCD display offers enhanced visibility, brightness, and contrast, ensuring that the information is easily visible in daylight and at night. It also allows for the use of different colors and graphic designs, making it visually appealing and intuitive.

Overall, the Instrument Cluster LCD Display is a modern and advanced technology that provides crucial information to the driver in a clear and convenient manner. It enhances the driving experience by offering a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s vital parameters, promoting safety and efficiency on the road.


The requirement of an instrument cluster LCD display is primarily to provide clear, easy-to-read visual information to the driver of a vehicle. Some specific requirements for an instrument cluster LCD display may include:

  1. Display clarity: The LCD display should have high resolution and brightness to ensure that information is visible even in varying lighting conditions. High Contrast and Sunlight readable, full view angle.
  2. Information presentation: The display should be able to present crucial driving information such as speed, fuel level, engine temperature, odometer, and warning messages in a clear and organized manner.
  3. Configurability: The display should have the ability to be customized or programmed to display different types of information based on driver preference or specific vehicle requirements.
  4. Real-time updates: The display should be able to receive and update data in real-time to ensure that the driver has accurate and up-to-date information while driving.
  5. User-friendly interface: The display should have a simple and intuitive interface that allows the driver to easily navigate through different screens or modes.
  6. Durability: The LCD display should be resistant to vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and other environmental factors to ensure its longevity and reliability.
  7. Integration capability: The display should be seamlessly integrated with the vehicle’s electronic systems, allowing for smooth communication and integration of various sensors and data sources.

Overall, the requirement for an instrument cluster LCD display is to provide the driver with essential vehicle information in a clear, visually appealing, and user-friendly manner.


Post time: Aug-28-2023