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3.95 Inch IPS, 480*480, TFT Lcd Display Monitor

Short Description:

3.95 inch, IPS Display TFT Lcd, Resolution 480*480

1. It is composed of a TFT LCD panel, driver IC, FPC and backlight unit, touch screen.

2. FPC, backlight or touch screen can be customized.

3. Sample lead time: 3-4 Weeks

4. Shipping terms: FCA HK

5. Service: OEM /ODM

6. TFT LCD Display size: 0.96”/1.28”/1.44”/1.54”/1.77”/2.0”/2.3”/2.4”/2.8”/3.0”/3.2”/3.5”/3.95”/3.97”/4.3”/5.0”/5.5”/7.0”/8.0”/10.1”/15.6”/and customize.

Product Detail

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Model NO.:



3.95 inch





LCD Type :


Viewing Direction:


Outline Dimension


Active Size: 

71.86 (H) x 70.18MM



Operating Temp:

-20ºC ~ +70ºC

Storage Temp:

-30ºC ~ +80ºC

IC Driver:




Touch Panel


Application :

Portable electronics; Automotive displays; Industrial equipment; Medical devices; Home automation systems; Consumer electronics

Country of Origin :



A 3.95 inch display TFT Lcd can be used for various applications including:

1.Portable electronics: It can be used in devices like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, portable gaming consoles, smartwatches, and handheld GPS devices, providing users with a clear and vibrant screen for viewing content, navigating menus, and interacting with the device.

2.Automotive displays: It can be used as a control panel or dashboard display in cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles, providing drivers with information such as speed, fuel level, temperature, and navigation directions.

3.Industrial equipment: It can be used in industrial machines and equipment, such as control panels, HMI (Human-Machine Interface) systems, and monitoring systems, providing users with a visual interface to interact with and control the equipment.

4.Medical devices: It can be used in medical devices such as patient monitors, diagnostic equipment, and medical imaging devices, providing healthcare professionals with clear and accurate visual information.

5.Home automation systems: It can be used in home automation systems, acting as a touchscreen control panel for controlling lights, temperature, security systems, and other smart home devices.

6.Consumer electronics: It can be used in portable DVD players, digital photo frames, handheld gaming devices, and other consumer electronics, enhancing the visual experience for users.

Product Advantages

1.Compact size: The 3.95" TFT Lcd Color Monitor offers a compact form factor, making it suitable for applications where space is limited. Its small size allows for easy integration into different devices and systems.

2.Vibrant colors and contrast: The TFT LCD technology used in the display enables it to produce vibrant and vivid colors, bringing images and videos to life. Additionally, it offers good contrast levels, ensuring that the content on the screen is distinct and easy to read.

3.Wide viewing angles: The TFT LCD technology used in the display provides wide viewing angles, allowing users to view the content on the screen from different positions without any significant loss in color vibrancy or contrast. This makes it suitable for applications where multiple people need to view the display simultaneously.

4.Energy-efficient: TFT Lcd Color Monitor are known for their energy efficiency. They consume less power compared to other display technologies, extending the battery life of devices and reducing overall power consumption.

Company Introduction

Hu Nan Future Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2005, specializing the manufacturing and developing of liquid crystal display (LCD) and liquid crystal display module (LCM), including TFT LCD Module. With more than 18 years of experience in this field, now we can provide TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VA and other LCD panels and FOG, COG, TFT and other LCM module, OLED, TP, and LED Backlight etc., with high quality and competitive price.
Our factory covers an area of 17000 square meters,, Our branches are located in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Hangzhou, As one of China national high-tech enterprise We have Complete production line and Full automatic equipment, We also have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, RoHS and IATF16949.
Our Products are widely used in health care, finance, smart home, industrial control, instrumentation, vehicle display, and other fields.

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