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3.5 Inch TFT LCD Display IPS with Capacitive Touch Screen

Short Description:

Applied for: Industry Instruments/3.5 Inch TFT LCD Display/Home Appliance/Handheld Terminals/Medical Equipments

*Resolution: 480×800 Pixels 3.5Inch IPS TFT LCD Display

* Backlight brightness optional, general brightness 250~300cd/m2, medium brightness,400~500cd/m2, high brightness 800~1000cd/m2;

* Support customization for interface, backlight brightness & life, bezel;

* Support customization for Capacitive Touch Screen ;

* Support various bondings: Air bonding, Optical Bonding

*Option Size:

0.96”/1.28”/1.44”/1.54”/1.77”/2.0”/2.3”/2.4”/2.8”/3.0”/3.2”/3.5”/3.95”/3.97”/4.3”/5.0”/5.5”/7.0”/8.0”/10.1”/15.6”/and customize.

Product Detail

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Model NO.: FUT0350WV52B-ZC-B6
SIZE 3.5 Inch TFT LCD Display
Resolution 480 (RGB) X 800 Pixels
Interface: SPI
Viewing Direction: IPS All
Outline Dimension 55.50(W)*96.15(H)*3.63(T)mm
Active Size:  45.36 (H) x 75.60 (V)mm
Specification ROHS REACH ISO
Operating Temp: -20ºC ~ +70ºC
Storage Temp: -30ºC ~ +80ºC
IC Driver: ST7701S
Application : Handheld Terminals/Mobile Medical Equipment/Mobile Game Consoles/Industry Instruments
Country of Origin : China
Luminance 340-380 nits Typical
Structure 3.5inch TFT LCD Display with Capacitive Touch Screen


The 3.5 inch TFT LCD display with Capacitive touch screen has the following features and advantages:

Moderate size: 3.5 inches TFT LCD Display with Capacitive Touch Screen is a moderate size, suitable for use in small devices, such as smartphones, handheld terminals, portable game consoles, etc. It can meet screen display needs without taking up too much space.

High-definition display: LCD technology provides high resolution and high color reproduction, making images and text display clearer and more detailed, allowing users to view and operate better.

Touch function: 3.5 inches TFT LCD Display with Capacitive Touch Screen can achieve touch operations. Users can touch the screen with their fingers to perform various operations, such as sliding, clicking, pinching, etc., thus providing a more intuitive and flexible operating experience.

Multi-touch: Some 3.5 inches TFT LCD Display with Capacitive Touch Screen have multi-touch functions, which can recognize and respond to multiple touch points at the same time, providing richer operating gestures and functions, making it more convenient for users to operate.

Durability: LCD screens usually have good anti-friction performance and durability, and can withstand scratches, pressure, etc. during normal use, and are not easily damaged or display distortion occurs.

Energy saving: LCD technology has the characteristics of low power consumption, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the device, extend the battery life, and improve the endurance of the device.

The 3.5 inch TFT LCD Display with Capacitve touch screen has the advantages of moderate size, high-definition display, touch function, multi-touch, durability, energy saving, etc. It is widely used in various portable devices and provides good user experience.

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