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3.2 Inch TFT LCD Module with Capacitive Touch Panel

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Applied for: Mobile Device/Medical Equipment/Industrial Control/Car Navigation System

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Model Name. TFT Module with Capactive Touch Panel
SIZE 3.2”
Resolution 240 (RGB) X 320 Pixels
Interface RGB
Viewing Direction IPS All
Outline Dimension 55.04*77.7mm
Active Size 48.6*64.8mm
Specification ROHS REACH ISO
Operating Temp -20ºC ~ +70ºC
Storage Temp -30ºC ~ +80ºC
IC Driver ST7789V
Application  Car Navigation Systems/Electronic Devices/Industrial Control Equipment
Operating Voltage VCC=2.8V
Country of Origin  China


●The 3.2 inch TFT with CTP (capacitive touch panel) is widely used in various electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, car navigation systems, industrial control equipment, etc.

The following are the advantages of TFT with CTP:

High resolution: TFT with CTP can provide high-resolution display effect, making images and text more clear and delicate.

Touch interaction: Capactive Touch Panel technology has capacitive sensing function, which can realize multi-touch and precise touch. Users can directly operate through the touch screen, which improves user experience and operation convenience.

High sensitivity: Capacitive Touch Panel can realize rapid response to various gestures such as light touch, heavy press, and multi-finger swipe, providing a more flexible and precise touch experience.

Durability and scratch resistance: The TFT with CTP screen is made of high-quality materials, which has strong durability and scratch resistance, and can withstand long-term use and rough touch operations.

Energy-saving and high-efficiency: The backlight of the TFT with CTP screen adopts LED technology, which can provide bright display effects, and has the characteristics of energy-saving and high-efficiency, extending battery life.

Overall, the 3.2 inch TFT with CTP screen combines high-resolution display effects and sensitive touch interaction technology, which is suitable for a variety of application scenarios and can provide an excellent user experience.

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