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2 Inch Tft Display ,ST7789V2

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Applied for:  Portable Gaming Devices; Fitness Trackers; Smartwatches; Medical Devices; IoT and Home Automation Devices; Digital Cameras; Handheld Instruments; Consumer Electronics; Industrial Control Panels; Small Appliances

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Model NO. FUT0200QV17B-LCM-A
SIZE 2.0”
Resolution 240 (RGB) X 320 Pixels
Interface SPI
Viewing Direction IPS All
Outline Dimension 36.05*51.8mm
Active Size: 30.06*40.08mm
Specification ROHS REACH ISO
Operating Temp -20ºC ~ +70ºC
Storage Temp -30ºC ~ +80ºC
IC Driver ST7789V2
Application Portable Gaming Devices; Fitness Trackers; Smartwatches; Medical Devices; IoT and Home Automation Devices; Digital Cameras; Handheld Instruments; Consumer Electronics; Industrial Control Panels; Small Appliances
Country of Origin China


● 2 Inch Tft Display can be used in various applications that require a compact display with good visual quality. Some potential applications include:

1.Portable Gaming Devices: 2 inch TFT display can be used in handheld gaming devices, providing a small but visually pleasing screen for gaming graphics and user interface.

2.Fitness Trackers: Many fitness trackers utilize small displays to show information such as step count, heart rate, and workout metrics. A 2.0 inch TFT display can provide a compact and energy-efficient solution for these devices.

3.Smartwatches: Smartwatches often have small-sized displays, and a 2.0 inch TFT display can be ideal for showing time, notifications, health data, and other smartwatch functionalities.

4.Medical Devices: Some medical devices, such as glucose monitors or pulse oximeters, can benefit from a small TFT display to show readings, measurements, and other relevant information.

5.IoT and Home Automation Devices: Small TFT displays can be integrated into Internet of Things (IoT) devices or home automation systems to provide visual feedback or controls in a compact form factor.

6.Digital Cameras: In some portable digital cameras, a 2.0 inch TFT display can serve as a viewfinder for capturing photos or videos, as well as displaying camera settings and controls.

7.Handheld Instruments: Handheld instruments, such as multimeters, thermometers, or pH meters, can utilize a small TFT display to show measurement values or other important data.

8.Consumer Electronics: This size of TFT display can be used in various consumer electronic devices, such as MP3 players, e-book readers, or small multimedia players, where a compact screen is required for content display.

9.Industrial Control Panels: In industrial settings, a 2 inch TFT display can be integrated into control panels or human-machine interfaces (HMIs) to provide visual feedback and controls for monitoring and controlling various processes.

10.Small Appliances: Household appliances like smart kitchen timers, digital scales, or personal care devices (e.g., electric toothbrushes) can benefit from a small TFT display to show timers, measurements, or settings.

These are just a few examples of applications where a 2 inch TFT display can be used. The compact size and visual capabilities of such displays make them versatile for integration into various electronic devices.

Product Advantage

● A2.0-inch TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display has several advantages in electronic products:

1.Compact Size: The small size of a 2.0-inch TFT display makes it ideal for products where space is limited or a smaller form factor is desired. This can be beneficial in devices such as wearable technology, handheld gaming consoles, or small embedded systems.

2.Good Visual Clarity: TFT displays generally offer good visual clarity, with high resolution and vibrant colors. This makes them suitable for applications where clear and vibrant graphics are important, such as digital cameras, portable media players, or small display modules.

3.Wide Viewing Angle: TFT displays typically provide a wide viewing angle, allowing users to view the screen clearly from different positions. This is advantageous in products like GPS devices or automotive displays, where users may view the screen from various angles while driving.

4.Responsive and Fast Refresh Rates: TFT displays have fast response times, allowing for smooth transitions and animations on the screen. This is advantageous in applications that require quick response times, such as gaming consoles or devices with real-time data updates.

5.Energy-efficient: TFT displays are known for their energy efficiency. They use low power consumption, which is especially beneficial in portable devices that rely on battery power, like smartwatches or handheld GPS devices.

6.Durable and Accurate Touchscreen Capability: Many 2.0-inch TFT displays come with touchscreen functionality, allowing for intuitive user interaction. Additionally, these displays are built to withstand daily use and can be equipped with scratch-resistant coatings or tempered glass for increased durability.

7.Versatility: Due to their small size, a 2.0-inch TFT display can be integrated into a wide range of products across various industries. They are commonly used in industrial control panels, medical devices, portable measurement tools, and many other applications where a compact yet functional display is required.

Overall, the advantages of a 2.0-inch TFT display include its compact size, visual clarity, wide viewing angle, responsive touch capabilities, low power consumption, and versatility in various applications. These factors make it a popular choice for manufacturers aiming to incorporate a small yet effective display solution in their electronic products.

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