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5 Inch Tft Display,Capactive Touch Screen,High Brightness Lcd Display

Short Description:

5 Inch Lcd Display Resolution 720*1280,  IPS full view angle,

* Backlight with different brightness is customized according to your request.

* Capacitive & Resistive touch panel/ Demo board is available for your option.

* It is composed of a TFT LCD panel, driver IC, FPC and backlight unit.

* It’s Standard and Ready-made TFT LCD Module.

* Experienced Team for Your Custom Solution.

*RoHS compliant.

*Shipping terms: FCA HK

Product Detail

Product Tags

Model NO.: FUT0500HD22H-ZC-A0
SIZE 5.0”
Resolution 720 (RGB) X 1280 Pixels
Interface: MIPI 4 LANE
Viewing Direction: IPS All
Outline Dimension 70.7(W)*130.2(H)*3.29(T)mm
Active Size:  62.1(W)* 110.4(H) mm
Specification ROHS REACH ISO
Operating Temp: -20ºC ~ +70ºC
Storage Temp: -30ºC ~ +80ºC
IC Driver: ST7703+FL1002
Application : Mobile banking/ E-reader/ Recipe and Cooking Assistance/ Social Media Applications/ Document Scanning and Management/ Digital Journaling and Note-Taking/ Task Tracking and Fitness Monitoring
Touch Panel With CG
Country of Origin : China


These are just a few examples of the applications that can be developed for a 5-inch portrait TFT display. The possibilities are endless, and it depends on the specific needs and preferences of the target audience.

1.Mobile banking: Create applications that allow users to easily access their banking information, make transactions, check balances, and manage finances using the 5-inch portrait TFT display.

2.E-reader: Develop e-reader applications that enable users to read e-books, browse magazines, or access digital documents on the 5-inch TFT display, providing a portable and convenient reading experience.

3.Recipe and Cooking Assistance: Create cooking applications that provide access to a wide range of recipes, ingredient lists, cooking timers, and step-by-step tutorials, all on the 5-inch portrait TFT display. This can assist users in preparing delicious meals in the kitchen.

4.Social Media Applications: Design social media applications optimized for a 5-inch portrait TFT display. Users can access their social media feeds, post updates, view and share photos, and communicate with friends and followers.

5.Document Scanning and Management: Develop applications that use the 5-inch TFT display as a document scanner, allowing users to capture, organize, and store important documents in a digital format.

6.Digital Journaling and Note-Taking: Design applications that allow users to create and organize digital journals or take notes using the 5-inch TFT display. Users can write, draw, and attach multimedia files to their digital entries.

7.Task Tracking and Fitness Monitoring: Develop applications that track tasks, habits, or fitness activities using the 5-inch TFT display. Users can set goals, monitor progress, and receive notifications or reminders.

Product Advantages

1.Portability: The small size of the 5-inch LCD display enhances the portability of the device it is used in. It allows users to easily carry and operate the device on the go.

2.Easy one-handed operation: The 5-inch display is designed to be comfortable to operate with one hand, making it convenient for users to interact with the product, especially in scenarios where using both hands is not practical.

3.High-resolution display: Despite its compact size, a 5-inch TFT display can offer high-resolution capabilities, providing sharp, clear, and detailed visuals. This is particularly advantageous for applications that rely on visual clarity, such as multimedia streaming, gaming, and viewing images or videos.

4.Versatility: The 5-inch TFT display is versatile and can be used for various applications across different industries. It can be integrated into diverse products, including smartphones, tablets, portable gaming consoles, digital cameras, navigation systems, medical devices, and more.

5.Customizable interface: The 5-inch TFT display allows for customization of the user interface, enabling developers to design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that suit the product's specific requirements. This enhances the overall user experience.

6.Touchscreen capability: Most 5-inch portrait TFT displays come with touchscreen functionality, which enables users to interact directly with the display using touch gestures, such as tapping, swiping, and pinching. This enhances the user experience by providing a more intuitive and interactive interface.

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